Faith Christian Academy’s aim is to graduate Image bearers equipped to exemplify Christlikeness through an education in faith, reason, and virtue. • FAITH: Our aim is to graduate students who love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and who love their neighbor as themselves; such students embrace living lives of faithfulness in churches, homes, and communities, with unwavering confidence which stays the course through life’s doubts and trials. • REASON: Our aim is to graduate students who listen carefully, discern rightly, and articulate precisely, such students are capable of submitting experience to Scripture, possessing information and the wisdom to use it, and following the consequences of ideas to their end through immersion in the seven Liberal Arts. • VIRTUE: Our aim is to graduate students who rightly order their affections by imagining or participating in extraordinary deeds of courage, great feats of faith, sincere acts of love, undying hope, steady self-restraint, firm determination, and selfless service by which they are able to recognize Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.